Sea Bream Round


Number TF-119
Item Sea Bream Round
Description Its freshness and quality is maintained by speedy process of "Ikijime".
Fresh fish is delivered at reasonable prices from Ehime, boating the top production of farmed sea bream.
It is perfect for Sashimi and Sushi, etc.
Material / Ingredient Farmed Sea bream (from Ehime)
Size / Weight / Package Package: 2.0 Kg /p, 5,6 pcs/c/s
Best before: one week (refrigerated 4℃ or less ), 1 year (frozen -20℃)
Minimum lot order: 45Kg (overseas)
Domestic Sales Price Current market price (depend on seasons )
Others By selecting safe materials, we deliver "True Taste" to your table.
For more details, please contact us.
Contact Info Rumi Japan (Morimatsu Suisan Reito Co., Ltd.) Customer Service Rep. Trade Department
  address: 5-2-20 Tenpozan, Imabari-shi, Ehime-ken
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