Mekabu Cha (Holdfast Tea) (From Naruto, Tokushima)


Number CF-89
Item Mekabu Cha (Holdfast Tea) (From Naruto, Tokushima)
Description <Feature of the item>
The holdfast having the rich, concentrated deliciousness of the holdfast of wakame seaweed from Naruto was carefully processed into tea.
It is sincerely manufactured through our unique techniques without using synthetic seasoning agents nor the food additives, either.
The "holdfast tea" using the holdfast from Naruto is completely different from other items in terms of the fragrance of the beach and the unique taste that are understood only by the persons who tasted it.
It is the excellent item that you can enjoy the sticky flavor of the viscous fucoidan which is water soluble.
<Holdfast from Naruto, Tokushima>
The minerals having the life of the sea is condensed in the holdfast from Naruto, Tokushima.
The wakame seaweed from Naruto has been a noted item for its excellent taste which grows up in the place where the Black current of the Pacific and the tide of the Seto Inland Sea as well as the water from the Yoshino river containing the plenty of nutrition of the mountain are mixed.
The Holdfast contains 20% or more water-soluble viscous fucoidan and alginic acid than those in the wakame seaweed leaf. These are the dietary fibers of acidic polysaccharide and they combine with the salt in human body and are discharged to the outside of the body. The non-soluble dietary fibers such as cellulose are about 1.5 times more than those in the wakame seaweed leaf.
The effective fatty acid such as EPA is far more than that of seaweed.
The minerals are also abundant: A lot of magnesium, calcium, and potassium are contained, and the well-balanced iron, iodine and manganese are contained as well.
Material / Ingredient <Ingredients>
Holdfast of wakame seaweed (from Naruto, Tokushima), baked salt (from Kagawa), sake (rice wine), reduced malt, erythritol (artificial sweetener), yeast extract
<Nutritional ingredients> (per 100g)
Energy 122kcal, protein 11.0g, fat: 3.9g, carbohydrates: 41.3g, sodium 12000mg, calcium 1400mg
Size / Weight / Package 50g
Best before: 180 days
Domestic Sales Price 800 yen
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