Small Fish Rice Crackers (Black Sesame)


Number CF-90
Item Small Fish Rice Crackers (Black Sesame)
Description <Small fish rice crackers (black sesame)>
A chemical seasoning, food additive, spice, coloring, preservative, and antioxidant, etc. were not used to process this rice cracker.
The black sesame was carefully selected to be roasted with optimal conditions having excellent fragrance and natural taste and flavored with the brown sugar.
The flavor of sesame having raised fragrance and the flavor of brown sugar give you refreshing sweetness, sesame's fragrance and comfortable crispy bites, and so this is perfect for tea snacks or child's snacks.
We do not employ the processing which harms the contained nutrition in the natural state remarkably.
<Feature of black sesame>
Since the fragrance of black sesame is strong, you can use it as an accent for your dishes.
Please pay attention to the black power.
You may not feel satisfactory in the steamed rice with red beans using white sesame.
The feature of black sesame is to have the strong existence in its fragrance even though it's small.
The black sesame is mainly proceduced in China and South East Asia unlike the white sesame is produced all over the world.
The pigment of the same anthocyanin as the blueberry is contined in the black color of the sesame's testa.
There are a lot of percentages of the testa and the calcium, etc. are much contained. However, since the skin is hard, it is commonly ground.
Material / Ingredient <Ingredients>
sardine, brown sugar, black sesame, starch hydrolysate, starch syrup, soybean sauce (brewed), fish sauce, sake (rice wine), fish and shellfish extract, oligosaccharide, yeast extract, spice, (soybean and wheat are contained as a part of the ingredients)
<Nutritional ingredients> (per 100g)
Energy 435kcal, protein 41.0g, fat: 14.3g, carbohydrates: 35.5g, sodium 620mg, calcium 990mg
Size / Weight / Package 55g
Best before: 120 days
Domestic Sales Price 400 yen
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