Small Fish Rice Crackers (Golden Sesame)


Number CF-91
Item Small Fish Rice Crackers (Golden Sesame)
Description <Small fish rice crackers (golden sesame)>
The very valuable golden sesame is selected carefully and the roasting conditions have been optimized, and the sesame is roasted to have the excellent fragrance.
It looks like easy to do but is actually difficult to adjust the optimal roasting conditions.
Since a plenty of golden sesame which raised its fragrance is used, the processed rice crackers have light sweetness with good flavor and taste. You can enjoy the simple sesame flavor and taste.
It is easy to eat with fingers, it is suitable for child's snacks and the snacks for your trip.
We do not employ the processing which harms the contained nutrition in the natural state remarkably.
<Feature of golden sesame>
Since the shape, taste, and flavor are excellent, the golden sesame is often used for the kaiseki cuisine (traditional Japanese meal brought in courses). The flavonoid is contained in coloring pigment.
The brown sesame is included in the golden sesame in some areas.
Contrary to the golden sesame, the shape of brown sesame is not so good, and the brown sesame is mostly processed into the sesame oil.
Generally, it is grown in the Mediterranean sea coast, etc.
Material / Ingredient <Ingredients>
Sardine, brown sugar, golden sesame, starch hydrolysate, starch syrup, soybean sauce (brewed), fish sauce, sake (rice wine), fish and shellfish extract, oligosaccharide, yeast extract, spice, (soybean and wheat are contained as a part of the ingredients).
<Nutritional ingredients> (per 100g)
Energy 447kcal, protein 37.4g, fat: 16.2g, carbohydrates: 37.8g, sodium 540mg, calcium 930mg
Size / Weight / Package 55g
Best before: 120 days
Domestic Sales Price 400 yen
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