Small Fish Rice Crackers (Apricot from Kishu)


Number CF-92
Item Small Fish Rice Crackers (Apricot from Kishu)
Description <Feature of this item>
The seasoning is limited to the minimum requirement, and the soft brown sugar is used for the sweetener. Also, the unnecessary flavor is not given and the taste and the flavor of the ingredients are made the best use of, and this is completely a new fish snack which is kind to the body and mind without using any food additives.
As for Japanese apricot, the ones from Kishu are popular, and a lot of flesh of apricot from Kishu is put in the rice crackers so that they taste plain.
The sour and sweet taste as well as the fragrance spread in the mouth and this fish cracker has very refreshing taste and is popular among women.
<Feature of apricot>
Although there are many kinds of foods containing calcium such as seaweed, milk, and small fish but there is a characteristic that the calcium is hard to be absorbed into the body.
However, it is said that it becomes easy for calcium to be absorbed by combining with the citric acid which is abundantly included in the pickled apricot.
Material / Ingredient <Ingredients>
Sardine, brown sugar, apricot flesh, starch hydrolysate, starch syrup, soybean sauce (brewed), fish sauce, sake (rice wine), fish and shellfish extract, oligosaccharide, yeast extract, spice, (soybean and wheat are contained as a part of the ingredients) , (apricot from Kishu is used)
<Nutritional ingredients> (per 100g)
Energy 380kcal, protein 44.5g, fat: 4.5g, carbohydrates: 40.3g, sodium 1100mg, calcium 920mg
Size / Weight / Package 55g
Best before: 120 days
Domestic Sales Price 400 yen
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