Small Fish Rice Crackers (Gouchujang)


Number CF-93
Item Small Fish Rice Crackers (Gouchujang)
Description <Small fish rice cracker (gouchujang)>
This excellent gouchujang (hot pepper and sesame paste) flavor rice cracker was processed by using the selected baked sesame, sesame paste and sesame oil out of a number of products, and by mixing and balancing with the several kinds of spices and chicken-bones soup to enjoy the authentic deep delicious flavor of gouchujang.
We do not employ the processing which harms the contained nutrition in the natural state remarkably.
<The feature of guochujang>
The red pepper is contained in gouchujang.
The capsaicin is one of the ingredients in the red pepper and has an effect of burning fat, and it is often used for a diet now.
The capsaicin has an effect of heating up the body by the pungent ingredient and an effect of promoting the fat dissolving as well as an effect of improving appetite. Moreover, there is an effect of the suppression of salt portability so that it makes a meal delicious with less salt.
Since the capsaicin suppresses the production of melanin component and promotes the production of collagen, your skin tone will be lightened naturally.
Material / Ingredient <Ingredients>
Sardine, brown sugar, sesame, starch hydrolysate, starch syrup, soybean sauce (brewed), spice, sesame oil, gouchujang, fish sauce, sake (rice wine), chicken broth, oligosaccharide, fish and shellfish extract, (soybean and wheat are contained as a part of the ingredients)
<Nutritional ingredients> (per 100g)
Energy 414kcal, protein 38.5g, fat: 11.1g, carbohydrates: 39.9g, sodium 1100mg, calcium 820mg
Size / Weight / Package 55g
Best before: 120 days
Domestic Sales Price 400 yen
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