Gomaitagensan (Cereal Made From Sesame, Brown Rice, & Almond; Plain Taste)


Number CF-96
Item Gomaitagensan (Cereal Made From Sesame, Brown Rice, & Almond; Plain Taste)
Description <Feature of the item>
The almond and grilled bits of rice cake were added to the baked black sesame with rich fragrance and unpolished brown rice, and such healthy ingredients were used to process this cereal having the slightly sweet sugarless taste with the flavors of the ingredients.
It is the handmade excellent product that was processed devotedly with a time and efforts. Since it was produced by using no food additives and was not bounded by sugar nor by starch syrup, it is slightly sweet and crispy.
Although the problem of cavity by intake of sugar often attracts attention, rapidly growing children can eat this sugarless product without worries.
Since it is a small bite size cereal, it is eaten easily and is popular with young and old.
<Cereal with which the body is pleased>
The nutrient dietary fibers of "Natural materials" themselves such as almond, brown rice, sesame, grilled bits of rice cake, etc. take an active part in getting on a diet or in preparing the meal for breakfast when you are busy.
The cereal is produced by the original process which doesn't use food additives at all and brings out the taste of materials to its maximum.
Adding grilled bits of rice cake to the fragrantly baked sesame and the brown rice, and also adding the almond as an accent makes the product delicious and sugarless, and it keeps the belly full for a long time, and it is well matched with milk or soybean milk, and suited for the quick breakfast or a diet.
The cereal makes your stomach full. Your beauty and health are supported with it every day.
It is also safe and secured as the snacks for growing young children. There are three flavors in the Gomaitagensan; plain, ginger, and green laver
Material / Ingredient <Ingredients>
Almond, brown rice, starch hydrolysate, black sesame, grilled bits of rice cake, sake (rice wine), salt (domestic production), soybean sauce (brewed), spice (domestic production), (soybean and wheat are contained as a part of the ingredients)
<Nutritional ingredients> (per 100g)
Energy 507kcal, protein 15.3g, fat: 27.8g, carbohydrates: 48.9g, sodium 440mg, calcium 260mg
Size / Weight / Package 55g
Best before: 120 days
Domestic Sales Price 500 yen
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