Ehime International Business Association (EIBA) undertook the outsourcing of "Research on exporting promising products in Ehime" requested by Ehime Prefectural Government. The gathered information was put on our mining research database and here we would like to put on this website the information on the exporting promising products which are excellent products in Ehime and their processed goods as well as the crafts and industrial goods which were developed by original technologies.
The information on this website is the result of our research and please note that we are not the broker of the dealings with overseas companies or we do not offer the assistance to do business with them or we do not guarantee the listed products, either. However, it is possible for you to directly contact the companies on the listed items.
Please do not hesitate to ask us on this website if you have any questions.

Subaru Disposable Tea Bags M
This tea bag needs less amount of consumption of tea leaves, and adequate tea comes out.
It is easy to throw it away and is convenient.
Goshiki Somen “Saka no Ue no Kumo” (5 color Japanese vermicelli, “A Wisp of Cloud”)
This is the 5 color Japanese vermicelli thin noodle called "Saka no Ue no Kumo" (a wisp of cloud) and certified by the Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Foundation.
Goshiki Somen (Hand-Stretched 5 Color Japanese vermicelli)
This product is hand-stretched and is tough and springy.
It has elegant gloss and smooth beautiful color.
Yuzu Somen (hand-stretched)
This is hand-stretched Japanese vermicelli fine noodle using Japanese citron from Shikoku.
It has refreshing taste and goes down well.
Umenoka (Japanese Apricot) Somen (hand stretched)
The color and the faint flavor of the Japanese apricot stimulate your appetite.
Goshiki Somen ” Mensho ” (hand stretched)
The Japanese vermicelli fine noodle matures itself and becomes tough and springy, and gets chewy. A great master keeps watching and bringing up vermicelli in the warehouse.
Shirodashi 1.8L
Light colored versatile soup base.
Kansaifu Udon Tsuyu 1.8L
Concentrated Kansai style udon soup base.
Yamaki Tsuyu 1.8L
Concentrated noodle soup base.
This concentrated noodle soup suits dishes for every season by adding extra flavor of dried bonito.
純素可用汁 500ml
Concentrated noodle soup base for vegitarian.
This is noodle soup base using shiitake mushroom from Kyushu and kelp from Hokkaido.
Men Tsuyu (400 ml)
Concentrated noodle soup base.
Here is the concentrated noodle soup base using the first brewing of bonitofish soup stock having rich taste and mild texture.
EX Straight Soba Tsuyu 500ml
Dipping sauce for cold soba.
Here is the rich taste non-dilute type soy-based dip for buckwheat noodles using bonitofish soup stock.