Ehime International Business Association (EIBA) undertook the outsourcing of "Research on exporting promising products in Ehime" requested by Ehime Prefectural Government. The gathered information was put on our mining research database and here we would like to put on this website the information on the exporting promising products which are excellent products in Ehime and their processed goods as well as the crafts and industrial goods which were developed by original technologies.
The information on this website is the result of our research and please note that we are not the broker of the dealings with overseas companies or we do not offer the assistance to do business with them or we do not guarantee the listed products, either. However, it is possible for you to directly contact the companies on the listed items.
Please do not hesitate to ask us on this website if you have any questions.

Japanese citron tea jam
The Japanese citron produced in Seiyo-city was stewed until yellow-color. It tastes full of fall season flavor.
Japanese apricot tea jam
The pulpe of fully-ripened Nanko apricot produced in Ehime prefecture was strained and tea paste having a mild flavor was produced.
Doburoku Ippuri
Delicious dry Japanese unfiltered sake
Doburoku Tonto
Delicious mild Japanese unfiltered sake, fit for first experience with doburoku
Doburoku Caramel Taffy
Doburoku mixed with the whipping cream and butter adds flavor to the caramel
Fruity Pink
Delicious mild Japanese unfiltered sake (doburoku), popular among women and the young
Japanese Paper (Screen)
Suggest you Japanese interior design and interior decoration
Japanese Paper Mobile
Hand made Japanese Paper Mobile, Feel mountain of fresh breeze
Micro Dicer MD-500
Equal volume of diced meat can be obtained
Blessing of Love, “Florentins”
We use the barley, Iyokan peel, and mikan honey which are produced in Ehime prefecture. Enjoy our baked confectionery by the local production for local consumption.
Blood Orange Liqueur, Nicori rosso
There is a secret of deliciousness from the drops of the muddy part.
Canned Shiranui (Canned Citrus Fruit, No Peeling of Mesocarp)
We treasure the natural dietary fiber.