Ehime International Business Association (EIBA) undertook the outsourcing of "Research on exporting promising products in Ehime" requested by Ehime Prefectural Government. The gathered information was put on our mining research database and here we would like to put on this website the information on the exporting promising products which are excellent products in Ehime and their processed goods as well as the crafts and industrial goods which were developed by original technologies.
The information on this website is the result of our research and please note that we are not the broker of the dealings with overseas companies or we do not offer the assistance to do business with them or we do not guarantee the listed products, either. However, it is possible for you to directly contact the companies on the listed items.
Please do not hesitate to ask us on this website if you have any questions.

Mizuhiki (Japanese Paper Strings) Egg for Baby Shower
Baby shower with a mizuhiki egg made by imagining an egg of a stork
Child (Small) Bag
Here is a small bag made by tying the cloisonne pattern with Mizuhiki (Japanese paper strings).
Barrette Awaji Kurobo
Here is the modeling beauty that is created by the technology of the traditional Awaji knot of Mizuhiki (Japanese paper strings).
Ornamental Hairpin (Large, Small)
In the 'kanzashi' (Odama) or long ornamental hairpin, the gem like knot is an accent.
The 'kanzashi' (Kodama) or smaller ornamental hairpin has the attached big and small gem like balls made by the Japanese paper strings so that they hang down with a chain.
Mizuhiki Corsage
Here is a corsage that expressed the beauty of the curves which the Mizuhiki (Japanese paper strings) uniquely has.
Anchovy Snack ” Saka no Ue no Kumo (A wisp of cloud) ”
This is an anchovy snack using the anchovy from Ehime as a main ingredient and the anchovy was coated with milk and cocoa, expressing the fair-skinned elder brother 'Yoshifuru' and dark-skinned younger brother, "Saneyuki", respectively.
Sardine Rice Cracker “Sakura Fubuki”
A whole small sardine having rich calcium and protein was processed into a snack to be
eaten easily. This is a rice craker having the flavor of the slightly sweet shrimp bits.
Sardine Rice Cracker “Wasabi Shigure”
A whole small sardine having rich calcium and protein was processed into a snack to be
eaten easily. It is a rice cracker having pungent taste like horse radish.
Roasted Anchovy (Ato Special)
This collaboration of the anchovy and mineral-rich salt from the Seto Inland Sea was created by Mr. Kai Ato who is an actor. Please enjoy the delicous small fish snacks.
Unshu Mandarin Orange and Anchovy
Here is a collaboration of the anchovy and satsuma (unshu) mandarin from Ehime.
The refreshing sour taste and the flavor of the ocean match very well.
Anchovy with Apricot Vinegar Flavor
The sweet and sour flavors of the apricot vinegar were added to the sweet anchovy.
We produce the snacks soft so that anyone from a child to an adult can enjoy them.
Walnuts Coated with cocoa powder
Here is a walnut coated with the highest grade cocoa powder which has strong pure cocoa flavor.