Ehime International Business Association (EIBA) undertook the outsourcing of "Research on exporting promising products in Ehime" requested by Ehime Prefectural Government. The gathered information was put on our mining research database and here we would like to put on this website the information on the exporting promising products which are excellent products in Ehime and their processed goods as well as the crafts and industrial goods which were developed by original technologies.
The information on this website is the result of our research and please note that we are not the broker of the dealings with overseas companies or we do not offer the assistance to do business with them or we do not guarantee the listed products, either. However, it is possible for you to directly contact the companies on the listed items.
Please do not hesitate to ask us on this website if you have any questions.

Walnut Coated with Milk Powder
Here is a walnut coated with slightly sweet milk powder.
Anchovy Coated with Milk Powder
The Japanese anchovy from Ehime prefecture was coated with milk powder.
Hime Dry Sake (Dry Rice Wine)
This dry sake (rice wine) goes down well and has good finish.
You can enjoy it at ease.
Special Classic Sake (Tokubetsu-Junmai-Shu, Special Pure Rice Wine), Expert Favorite
This is special classic sake (Tokubetsu-Junmai-Shu, special pure rice wine) having deliciousness of rice with well-balanced accidity.
Tokubetsu Honjozo Tokusen Sake (Slected Special Free Brew Rice Wine)
This is the special free brew sake which can enjoy the mellow fragrance and the rich strong body as well as the deep taste.
High-Class Dry Sake
This high-class dry sake is the one to meet sake expert's expectations and has clear elegant taste with rich flavors.
Yukisuzume Honzukuri Sake (Free Brew Rice Wine)
Here is the sake having mild fragrance and smooth drinking comfort.
With this dry free brew sake you can enjoy the flavor and the taste as well as its afterglow as you drink.
Here is jakoten (a kind of fish sausage, a kind of fried kamaboko) used no preservative, no chemical seasoning, and no extending agent. You can enjoy the original taste of fish.
Disposable Paper Hand Towel (A)Lupine round & flat (B) Lupine tender (C)Lupine extra
This has the embossed texture on the base paper.
It is excellent in the absobency and moisture retaining property.
Subaru Sheet Paper A-30 (Disposable Toilet Seat Paper Cover)
This is a sanitary paper seat cover which is hard to adhere to the hips with the embossed texture. It is possible to flush into a toilet after use.
Paper Towel – Morane –
By adding emboss texture, absorbency is high and excellent in the cost performance.
Japanese Calligraphy Writing Paper – Fuji Tenryu SU –
This Japanese calligraphy writing paper has the features that the spread of ink is appropriate and the brush movement is excellent.